Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poor tippers

As you know, I work in a restuarant. And if you've ever worked in one you know how hard it is. A friend of mine wrote this article and it was published in a local paper. I think it's well thought out and he was a lot nicer about his tactics than I would have been. Please read....

I am an 11-year veteran of the service industry, and I enjoy making my guests’ dining experience pleasurable. It gives me great pride to send people on their way happier than when they came into my restaurant. I give it my all to exceed their expectations.

I have worked in restaurants all over the Southeast, but I am really troubled with the general disregard a substantial amount of people in this town has when it comes to tipping.

If you tip 15 percent to 20 percent or better, please stop reading now. We thank you for your support. For the rest of you, please read on. I hope that this tipping malaise is just an “ignorance is bliss” situation.

On average, servers make $2.13 an hour. If you can figure out how to live on $85.20 for a 40-hour work week before taxes, please write a response and explain.
Tips are how we pay for tuition, rent, gas, etc. At the end of each shift, servers have to tip out bussers, bartenders and hostesses based on a fixed percentage (5 percent) of sales, not tips.

For example, if your party rings up a tab of $100, it costs the server $5 to wait on your table. If you tip the national average of 15 percent, your server clears $10. However, if you tip the unacceptable 5 percent Gadsden average, that same server makes nothing. Theoretically, if you tip less than 5 percent, your server has to pay money just to wait on your party.

You are better than that, Gadsden. Please help remedy this situation.

Being a server is hard. It is quite difficult and stressful to be at the beck and call of 20 people at once, but we do it all day, every day. If you can afford to go out for dinner, can’t you also afford at least a 15 percent tip? Isn’t that worth you not having to cook at home, clean up the mess and wash the dishes? All we are asking for is a little gratitude for the services rendered.

Philip Lett

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