Monday, January 3, 2011

Worst Mom Ever!

Well, it happened! I'm offically the worst mom ever (or that's just the way I feel)! Go ahead and call DHR because....Khloe rolled off of the couch and bumped her head on the coffee table. There are no visible signs of brain damage, YET! I'm not sure if it hurt her or my pride more? It only takes seconds...I know as parents we seem to make not so great decisions. She just turned 6 months old today and she hasn't really mastered the art of rolling over. She's done it like 3 or 4 times so I didn't really think anything about leaving her on the couch! My heart hit the floor the minute I heard her scream. Everyone I've talked to has reassured me that it's happened to them too! But it still doesn't make you feel any better! *sigh* Poor thing!


  1. I know how you feel and being the mother of four, I can definitely admit it's happened to me too! ((hugs))

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  2. I LOVE your button and I am so glad you were able to create one. It looks fabulous! And, no, you are not the worst mom ever. You will have stories much worse than that (you will, even if you think that was bad!) but its pretty normal and a part of them growing up and learning and trying out new things! (I have a two year old!)
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  3. If your the wrost mom im the worst mom X3!!!
    I know at least all three of my kids rolled at an unexpected time! Don't worry!

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  4. I remember when my oldest (now 13) rolled off a bed when we were visiting relatives - so scary!! She has no lasting effects, and I trust and pray your little cutie will not, either :)

  5. Im calling DHR right now, your such a bad mom! Oj Im just kidding, its happened to all of us at least a couple of times, Im sure shes ok, and youll be ok too! ((HUGS))